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Thirteen Hole Intelligence Box freeshipping - Tummy Time

Tummy Time

SKU: CJWJWJJM00129-default

Name: Thirteen Hole Intelligence Box 

 Product specifications: 14.1*14.1*12.3cm 

   Product weight: 0.5KG 

   Suitable age: children over 18 months

   Packing: Blister  

 product description: 

The baby takes out the wooden blocks in the puzzle box in turn, and can place the small wooden blocks at will. Improve your baby's understanding of shape and learn while playing.

   Each face of the puzzle box has a different shape of a small hole, and the corresponding wooden block can be put back. Every time a baby puts in a small brick, it goes further and succeeds, which also increases the baby's self-confidence.

This toy can inspire your baby's imagination.

   Can help your child learn how to make friends and work together.

   Can help your child effectively improve their hand and eye coordination